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lol, what

I'm going to make a list. First, things that were good.

1. Shane wrecking someone else's car whilst drunk and high.
2. Marina ruining Jenny's book release party.
3. Poor Helena.
4. Kit getting all black woman on the anti-abortionists.
5. Shane getting pushed around by Carmen's vato primos.

Bad things.

1. Tina.
2. The name/character "Papi". Just no. That is not sexy. No one wants to date a chick named Papi.
3. Shane not dying when she wrecked the car whilst drunk and high.
4. Jenny's ugly French gf.
5. Marina getting it on with Jenny's ugly French gf.
6. Max.
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hahahah that french girl was in this movie prof. sarah reader made us watch. she was cuter in that movie cause she looked mad gay. plus it was all in french. max didnt bother me so much this time. and papi is a really ugly name.
and i think the best part was helena being poor. cause she is hot. even if she's poor.