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Tina: "Hi I'm Tina and I used to be gay and smart, but then I got some penis juice and now I'm a bitch and I can't make any of my own decisions so I let my ugly boyfriend make them for me. Oh, I totally still have the hots for Bette, because we hugged in the hallway and that was hot, and that was also the only time I wasn't being a total bitch to her. And then when she apologized for wanting sole custody of our inexplicitly cute baby because it turns out we might actually be able to get along, I told her to fuck off and said me and my ugly man are gonna have a family but I don't think I really want to."

Bette: I feel so bad for Bette. Because I think she really does still love Tina, and Tina's too much of a ho to notice.

Shane: As much as I don't like Shane, I think she's better than running away from the altar.

Shane's Dad: eewwwwwww

Helena: I think her mom is right, she needs an esteem boost to see that she's likable without her dinero.

Alice and Lara: Cute still. If they can't have Dana, I suppose this is the next best thing.

Carmen: I felt bad for her, but don't tell anyone.

Jenny: I'm glad she's ditching Max.

Max: Go away, or stop being such a woman hating man.

French Girl: sorry, but you had bad teeth.

Peggy: I love Peggy Peabody so much. She's shakin' up with the marrying people lady. Win.



Besides the fact that I still want Bette and Tina back together, and that the Bette running away with Angelica thing (Bette's totally smarter than that!), this episode could have been worse.

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