Some cow DIED for this bullshit! (lwoodbloo) wrote in lwordsnark,
Some cow DIED for this bullshit!

First snark.

The show has to be the strangest paced thing I've ever seen on TV.

Case in point: season finale, season 2.

Jenny is cutting herself! But she's going to get help! That's good, right? And she'll have her friends around to support her, right?

Apparently not, as she leaves town to get help. Did anyone see that at the end of that episode? Did I miss her saying, Oh guys, I'm going to leave town and be with family! I must have missed that exquisitely well written scene.

Oops. Sarcasm.

And Tina gets sick and is unable to have the bebe at home. She goes to the hospital, and flatlines! Oh noes! WHat will happen to our heroine!

Apparently, it didn't matter enough to the writers to take care of this onscreen. No, it was dealt with offscreen, and we never see any medical attention given to her. All we see is Bette, cradling the baby, and telling everyone Tina is okay...but we don't even see her until the premiere of season 3!

And the Alice/Dana thing? It felt like they wrote that scene with Lara and Dana at the restaurant, looked at it after the season and said, "Nah, they're cute together. They'll be in a relationship instead of Dana and Alice".

Don't get me started on Psychotic Alice, either. She's...yeah.
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