Some cow DIED for this bullshit! (lwoodbloo) wrote in lwordsnark,
Some cow DIED for this bullshit!

So, given some time to contemplate...

Where does the show go from here? The only new character introduced this season who is staying, at least it seems like she might, was Claude (the french woman).

Bette: Could be gone (although I doubt it), and I don't know how they can write her back in. Will this be "The (lesbian) Fugitive"? Will there be a one armed man?

Alice + Lara: This just seemed creepy to me, as I think it has to some of you, as well.

Carmen: Sara Shahi seems to be choosing the worst sitcoms in creation to appear on. As long as they're paying her, I say good for her. The Carmen character seemed to be, at best, a distraction for me this season.

Jenny and Max: Max. Get a clue, go take your job at insafemodetechwhateverthefuckthenameofthecompanyis. I don't think Jenny's gonna miss you altogether much.

Tina: Best whiny line of the season (as usual). "Bette, this is not okay!" No shit, dick tracy.

Kit and Mangus: Why do I find myself not caring, at all? I love Pam Grier! And Mangus just is getting smarmier and not likabler. Not pleased at all.

Dana: deserved better.

I'm out. What should we talk about until next season?
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